Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Had a little girl died because her parents "New Medicine"

Had a little girl died because her parents "New Medicine" believed in the ideas of salvation? This accusation is currently investigating the Hanover Regional Court. Indicted are the 32-year-old Baldur B. and his four years younger wife Antje. The two are accused of having her little daughter Sieghild deliberately denied the insulin. The process is re-opened after a new witness has emerged. According to the indictment, the parents from June 2009 to consciously and deliberately reduced the insulin dose her daughter because she "New Medicine" believed in the ideas of salvation. This is based on the multi-sentenced former doctor Hamer, the mother was in contact. Hamers alternative healing methods are considered dangerous and anti-Semitic. He was in the headlines 20 years ago because of the controversial therapies for cancer patients. Parents are also verortetet in the right-wing milieu. Both grew already on the neo-Nazi milieu. According to "Allgemeine Zeitung" Baldur B. was a member of the neo-Nazi Viking Youth, his wife Antje B. was a member of the classified as right-wing "Artgemeinschaft".

Creative gifts for lovers

Kreative Geschenke fuer Verliebte - Creative gifts for lovers

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Don’t Purchase Your Medical Id Bracelet Till You Read This

What things should you consider in purchasing Medic Alert Jewelry? - - Don't Purchase Your Medical Id Bracelet Till You- Read This!!! -- This- lens discusses five things that are crucial for the- diabetic (or others with chronic ailments) to consider before- purchasing a medical- alert bracelet, charm, necklace or other alert jewelry.

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Jewelry Making: The Art of Lost Wax Casting

The amazing art of lost wax casting for the creation of jewelry such as engagement rings, eternity rings and precious metal charms.

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They’re always after me Zelda charms

Zelda freaks unite! Show your love for the quiet boy in the green tights with these charms and jewelry to be released sometime in the near future!

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30% Off White Trash Charms Jewelry - 2 Day After Thanksgiving Sale

White trash charms is having a 2 day after thanksgiving sale. 30% off all jewelry purchased online. Many celebrities such as, Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilara, Amy Whinehouse, Sarah Jessica Parker and so many more have been seen wearing White Trash Charms jewelry

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